Mom: Shooting wasn’t self defense

A Mobile mother is pleading with law enforcement after her son was gunned down outside Bishop State Community College Sunday, February 16.

Mobile Police said no arrest has been made in the shooting death of Dominick Harris, 24, because it appears the shooter may have shot in self-defense.

“He had no gun,” exclaimed Harris’ mother. “This boy had a gun. He killed my child for no reason at all. It was not self-defense.”

Harris’ family is demanding an arrest following their loss.

Harris was at the college Sunday night for his aunt’s birthday party when relatives say he and his aunt got into a dispute over a joke.

Relatives said other family members got involved, including the shooter who was identified as the friend of an in-law.

Officials said the fight grew into a brawl that spilled over into the parking lot.

Harris’ family said the shooter grabbed his gun from the car.

His mother is now demanding to see an surveillance video of the incident.

“I miss my child. I miss seeing his face every day,” said Harris’ mother. “I miss being with him every day. I want my child back with me. I can’t get him back. They got a life.”

“He never even pulled out. He never even attempted like he had a weapon,” said Harris’ grieving girlfriend who witnessed the shooting. “I just don’t understand how this can be self defense.

Authorities would only confirm that that shooter was reportedly being attack by numerous people which gave him grounds for self-defense.

Relatives and witnesses, however, insist the physical confrontation went both ways, adding that it never needed to escalate to gun violence.

“I want to see this happen. I want to see them go to jail for the rest of their life,” said Harris’ mother.

The case was reviewed with the Mobile County District Attorney’s Office and will be presented to the Mobile County grand jury.

Anyone with information is asked to call Mobile Police at (251) 208-7211.

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