Woman: I was pistol whipped, fought back

It was just after 8:45 Sunday night, February 17 when Mobile Police said two men broke into a woman’s home and pistol whipped her.

Sandy Fairbanks said she was in her bedroom when the men came in wearing tee shirts over their faces and holding guns.

“I didn’t hear them come in. The door was open and they ran up in my room with guns, and I jumped up and started fighting with them,” Fairbanks said.

She said one man hit her on the cheek with his gun while the other criminal took cash from her purse.

“He punched me in my face and pushed me on the bed and his buddy was like, ‘Come on I’ve got the money let’s go’ and I chased them down the driveway and down the road,” Fairbanks said.

She said the two men jumped in a get away car and sped off before she could catch them.

Fairbanks said she was able to get the tee shirts off the men’s faces.

“I’m not going to lay there and let them shoot me I’m going to fight back,” Fairbanks said.

She said the two men were young most likely in their teens. If you know anything about the crime call Mobile Police.

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