Mobile Fire-Rescue takes delivery of airplane fuselage

Mobile Fire-Rescue received a special delivery Monday, February 17.

If you thought you saw a plane fuselage being towed down Michigan Avenue over Interstate Ten in Mobile Monday morning, you weren’t seeing things.

A construction company towed the fuselage about three and a half miles from the Brookley Aeroplex to the Mobile Fire-Rescue Training Facility on Owens Street.


At first, you might have thought you were watching a Mardi Gras parade getting ready to come down Michigan Avenue.

But, this was certainly no Mardi Gras float.

It was a 300 foot fuselage from a Boeing 737.

Why did the fire department want it?

Steve Huffman with Mobile Fire-Rescue said, “This is for training our aircraft rescue firefighting crew.”


Huffman said Mobile firefighters are responsible for covering emergencies at Brookley and Mobile Regional Airports, and, right now, they have to go to Mississippi to get re-certified.

Huffman said, “Other agencies could utilize it as well.  For instance, the Police Department’s Emergency Response Team could use it in the event there was some sort of hostage situation.”

The G.A. West Construction Company volunteered its services to move the fuselage.


Phyllis Law drove in from Prichard to take pictures of the unusual event.

Law said, “I was watching the news this morning, and I saw it.  They said they were going to move the fuselage on Michigan.   I said, ‘Michigan? I know about Michigan. I gotta go.’ “

It took less than an hour and a half for the fuselage to be towed from Brookley to the training center.

Was Law glad she made the trip?

She said, “From running and trying to catch it, it was very worth it.  It was worth it.”

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