Man reflects on Hwy 98 wreck and helping survivor

WILMER, Ala. – State troopers are investigating a deadly accident this weekend that has left two families in Wilmer  grieving.

Both families spent the day making funeral arraignments for their loved ones. But, one accident victim is recovering in the hospital.

Family and friends said she’s blessed to be alive, because someone was in the right place at exactly the right time.

Flowers and charred asphalt marks the spot on Highway 98 where three people lost their lives on the bridge over Big Creek Lake Saturday.

There could have been one more death if it had not been for some other drivers, including Taylor Wiltshire who was willing to put his own life in danger to help someone else.

“I was headed to work. I was driving down Highway 98 and I Drove up and saw like three cars on the bridge crashed every which way,” Wiltshire said.

The wreck had just happened when Wilshire and another driver pulled up around 10:40. He could see one of the vehicles was on fire.

“There was another truck it was up in front of me and he was getting out of his truck.  So I ran past him. I saw the two guys. They was already on fire in the truck.  I saw a little girl was in there,” he said.

Breanna Albritton, 15, was in the back seat and Wiltshire knew there wasn’t much time to act.

“Me and the other guy  busted the window out. Then I grabbed the girl out from the truck. We ran down the road with her, because we knew the truck was probably going to blow up, so we got her away from it,” Wiltshire said.

Breanna lost her grandfather 69 Robert Albritton and her cousin 15 year old Brandon Albritton in the crash.

Another teenager 17-year-old Brady Hoffman was driving the other car.

“We went to the other truck where the 17-year-old boy was, and opened the door and checked his pulse, but I guess he was dead from the contact,” Wiltshire said.

While the State Troopers investigate to determine how the accident happened, family and friends say the real problem has been right here all along.,

“Bloody 98. We’ve lost a lot of friends and now family on this road, to me this is too dangerous to have a passing zone on, and this ain’t the first accident that’s happened,” John Howey said.

Robert Albritton and his grandson Brandon will be buried Thursday. Their funeral will begin at 11am at Valhala Memorial Funeral Home in Eight Mile.

There will be a visitation for Brady Hoffman  from 5 to 8 Wednesday a Wilmer First Baptist Church. His funeral is set for 11am Thursday at the church.

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