Kickstarter is hacked and Taco Bell has a Mobile App

We have another security breach to tell you about. Online fundraising website “Kickstarter” says hackers got some of its customer information.

The website says, hackers were able to access usernames, email addresses, phone numbers and passwords. If you use Kickstarter, it’s recommended that you change your account password. The website allows people to donate or raise money online for projects.

It was a big weekend for Netflix. The original series “House of Cards” premiered its second season Friday. All episodes of season two are now available on the streaming site. And, if you’re a fan of the hit series “Orange is the New Black”, you’ll be happy to know Netflix announced season two will premiere June sixth.

Facebook is giving you more gender options for your profile. Instead of just male or female, now you can pick the custom button, which has 50 additional choices. Among the new options are “transgender” “intersex” and “neither.” Facebook says it made the change to help people better express their identities on the social media site.

And, Taco Bell is giving you a new way to order: by cell phone. The fast food chain is rolling out nationwide mobile ordering later this year. The restaurant is developing an app that will let customers order and pay for food using a  cell phone. According to a restaurant news website, Mcdonald’s and Chick-fil-A are reportedly testing a mobile app as well.

That’s today’s tech news.


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