Three killed, one injured in Highway 98 crash

WILMER, Ala. – Tragedy strikes the small community of Wilmer. Three people were killed in a fiery crash Saturday night. It happened around 10:40pm on the Big Creek Lake bridge in Wilmer.  While state troopers try to determine what happened, two families are left grieving.

Family members and friends gathered at Robert Albritton’s home in Wilmer Sunday afternoon. The 69-year-old was with two of his grandchildren when he got into a fiery accident on the Big Creek Lake Bridge  just two miles from his house Saturday night.

Albritton, and 15-year-old Brandon Albritton died in the crash. However, 15-year-old Breanna was pulled from the burning vehicle.

“She has suffered some injuries, but she’s doing okay. A 16-year-old that went to MGM. He heard her screaming for help and managed to open the door and get her out,” Dawn Albritton said.

Brady Hoffman was also killed, The Mary G. Montgomery High School senior was in the second vehicle.

The accident happened around 10:40 p.m. Saturday. Albritton was returning home with his grandchildren from Lucedale where they visited a small engine race track owned by one of Albritton’s sons.

Family friend John Howey was there too.

“We was leaving the race track and we got a phone call saying that they had been in an automobile wreck, and we got there as fast as we could,” Howey said.

Howey said Albritton was like a father to him.

“He was just a good man. If you needed the shirt of his back and you was his friend he’d give it to you in a heartbeat. He was a great man,” he said.

All of the teenagers attended MGM. Family members said Brandon was in 9th grade and interested in horticulture. His cousin Breanna had recently transferred to the school from Mississippi.  She has been diagnosed with cancer which the family said is recently in remission.

Brady Hoffman was preparing for his graduation this year. He was member of the MGM Choir.

“We’re just coping the best way we can. It’s really a sad situation when you have any type of loss. We are here for the other family. I’m really sorry that they had to go through this situation as well, and our condolences go to the Hoffman family as well,” Dawn Albritton said.

The families are working on funeral arraignments. 15-year-old Brandon did not have insurance. The family is trying to set up a fund to help with his burial expense.

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