BCC to discuss salary increase proposal

On February 4th, Baldwin County Commissioners voted 3 to 1 on a Baldwin County Legislative Delegation proposal for a pay raise which would increase their pay from $32 thousand to $65 thousand dollars a year.

However now, the Delegation are discussing a different idea.

The discussed bill would make the commission’s pay based on a four year average of the median household income in Baldwin County.

The salary will be set every four years by the Legislative Fiscal Office.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the median household income in Baldwin County between 2008 and 2012 was $50,706.

“Whatever they decide is fine. It’s the legislature’s responsibility. Whatever they come up with, I’m sure it will be fine with the commissioners,” said Dorsey, “I know we all enjoy the job we do. Whatever they come up with will be fine, appreciated and I’m sure appropriate.”

The original proposal has been decisive for some of the public who felt that a more than doubled salary was too much.

However, Dorsey says the commissioners knew what they signed up for and the pay increase isn’t their top concern.

“My message is not woe is me or that I’ve got sour grapes because I’m not getting paid enough. I’ve been doing this for three years and I’ve signed up for four more,” Dorsey said, “But to move Baldwin County forward and to keep attracting good candidates you have to pay a fair wage.”

Several other county commissioners FOX 10 spoke to echoed Dorsey’s sentiments saying the issue of pay isn’t an issue they want to deal with any longer. They say the most important thing is serving the community to the best of their ability, regardless of compensation.

Baldwin County resident Stephanie Kuhlmann says the newest discussed proposal makes better sense.

“Doubling their pay is kind of a large shock. Meeting in the middle is a better alternative,” said Kuhlmann.

Still, Kuhlmann, whose husband was a former Mayor, says she knows the challenges of the local offices.

“It is a thankless job and you have to love your community. You also have to have thick skin because you hear the naysayers more than compliments,” said Kuhlmann said, “If you are saying they’re doing a poor job you probably need to step up and try the job.”

Commissioners in Mobile County are paid $79 thousand dollars a year. However, they are considered full time as Baldwin County Commissioners are considered part time.


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