MCAS: Shelter at capacity, adoptions needed

MOBILE, Ala. – The Mobile County Animal shelter is desperately pleading for adoptions, hoping to clear space before the next crisis arises.

and apparently a major influx of animals is just days away.

The Mobile County Animal Shelter is just a temporary stop for strays.  That means the dogs and cats here today will have to move out soon.

Ideally, someone will come alone and adopt them.   If that doesn’t happen the only other alternative for the shelter is euthanization.

“We’re at capacity.  On Tuesday we’re expecting 30 plus animals.  We’re asking the public to come out and help us with some of our adoptable animals,” Andrew Stubbs said

Animal Control officer Andrew Stubbs said  the shelter is bracing for a major seizure next week.

“Those are possibly animal abuse.  We don’t know how many, but it’s more than 30.  That’s going to fill up our kennels, it’s going to put us again over capacity.  So we need the public to come out and assist us with adopting some of the pets we have here at the shelter,” Stubbs said.

Just last week nearly 50 animals were seized from a home in Theodore.  Most of those ended up in the shelter.   Because seized animals must be held until their cleared by the court.  That makes the situation even more critical for other animals at the shelter.  They have to be moved.

Shelter had been offering a special of 65 dollars for adult dogs.  That special ended today.

“We’re going to see if we can get that extended to Monday to try to get some of our animals out of here,” he said.

The cat population at the shelter is down right now, but Stubbs says that will also change next week.

“We are expected that on Tuesday the cat room will be complete full with cats. We don’t know how many, but this room can fill up real fast,” Stubbs said.

The Mobile County Animal shelter is open for adoptions Monday through Saturday.


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