Police chase surveillance video released

FOX10 News obtained surveillance video showing a police chase and an officer-involved shooting in Mobile.

A gas station’s camera’s captured the chase from a couple of different angles.

The video shows the suspect speed down Old Shell Road with the police following right behind it.

The chase ends at Fuego’s restaurant when the suspect pulls into a parking spot and an officer hit the front end of the car.

A witnessed describes what happens next.

“When the suspect started to back up and leave started to flee, they way I saw it, that’s when the police man came out of his patrol car and started running after him and started shooting somewhere in this intersection. Reporter: “How many gunshots did you hear? We heard four,” said Barbara Hayes.

Some frightening moments for Barbara Hayes. An employee at M.A Simons. The suspect’s car rolled right into their parking lot.

“I was helping a customer and she dove underneath the checkout counter when we realized the police officer was shooting,” said Hayes.

The suspect is Michael Sims. He told our cameras he stole something from Bel Air Mall because he was hungry. Officers say he hit a police car out the way out, and that’s when the chase began.

An officer shot Sims in the right shoulder. The Mobile County District Attorney says the shooting appeared to be justified because Sims tried to run the officer over.

Sims’s bond was set just over $10,000. He is facing a number of charges including theft and eluding police.

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