Conde Cavaliers to visit school, senior homes

Before parading Friday night, the Conde Cavaliers brought Mardi Gras to the community Friday morning.

They visited senior citizen centers, retirement communities, and other places.

But nowhere were the smiles bigger than at Augusta Evans School, where special needs students received some very special attention.

PHOTOS: Conde Cavaliers Parade at Augusta Evans School


Imagine having your own personal Mardi Gras parade?

The Mary G Montgomery Marching Band plays especially for you.

What’s more, your friends are the king and queen: celebrating in style and, as King Christopher Johnson said,  “Dancing to the beat of the drums.”

When asked what her favorite part of being queen was, Desiree Johnson said,  “Walking around.”


The Condes did a lot of walking around, too.

They said they’ve been visiting Augusta Evans for more than thirty years.

One of the Condes, who remained in costume, said, “This is very, very, special for us because it helps to take what we do into the community, and, seeing these kids is absolutely wonderful.”

Allen Baggett, the principal of Augusta Evans, said,  “A lot of these kids are not going to get the opportunity to go to Mardi Gras. It’s the perfect opportunity to come out on such a beautiful day and celebrate Mardi Gras.

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