Tech V-Day Gifts

If you weren’t able to make it to the store to pick up that box of chocolates or a bunch of roses this Valentines’ Day, there are some other alternatives.

Representatives at the Verizon Wireless store on Hwy. 131 in Spanish Fort say they were pretty busy today, with many last minute shoppers opting for tech gifts

Verizon is offering the Ellipsis for free with a two-year contract through February 16, 2014.  The 7-inch tablet has an HD display, and LTE modem.  It typically retails for $249 without a two year deal.

The Jawbone Mini Jambox was another item consumers considered as a gift for their special someone.  It looks like a giant-sized Lego, but it’s more of a grown-up toy.  The Bluetooth portable speaker has two tweeters in the front and a sub-woofer in the back.  But it’s not just a speaker; you can use it to answer calls too.

Verizon is offering $10 or $20 monthly discounts for subscribers who buy their phones through the company’s installment plan.

Before, customers who opted for Verizon’s Edge plan had essentially been paying for their phones twice – through the installments and again as part of monthly service bills that include the costs of phone subsidies that Edge customers weren’t taking advantage of. The discount doesn’t fully cover the installments on high-end phones, but it helps.

AT&T Inc. has already offered $15-a-month discounts for people on its Next installment plan, while T-Mobile did away with subsidies and reduced all service charges last March.

In both cases, customers save if they buy their own device elsewhere and don’t participate in the carrier’s installment program. Verizon’s discounts apply only to its installment customers.

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