MPD conducts raids, five arrested

It was a very early morning for Mobile Police. They raided four homes right at dawn. In addition to five arrests, police confiscated drugs, weapons, and money.


The raids were concentrated within about a two block area near Webb Avenue and McVay Drive.

As police approached one home on Webb Avenue, you could hear officers yell out the words “search warrant” and knock open a door.


Captain John Barber with the Mobile Police Department said, “These houses became safe havens where drug dealers, not even from the neighborhoods, could come in there and sell their drugs.

Police brought out drug dogs to search the homes and cars.

At one home on Webb Avenue, they arrested three people.

One of them was Yolanda Walker, for alleged possession of marijuana.

Mobile Police said they also arrested Jamar Black for alleged possesion of illegal spice and marijuana, and they took into custody a 17 year old male for alleged possession of marijuana.


Officers showed us what they confiscated during each raid.

Police also said these homes were targeted after undercover agents allegedly bought drugs at the homes.

Captain Barber said, “We have a drive-through situation on Webb Avenue where we were doing undercover buys.  People were flagging us down and trying to sell us dope.”


But, what prompted police to crack down on this particular area?

Barber said, “We have found, in the last couple of month that a lot of violent crime has been associated back to this area.  When we took a look at it, we found that the drug trade was what was the cause of this violent crime.”

Lt. Roy Hodge with the Mobile Police Department said, “We have a lot of quality of life issues in that area because of the criminal activity that is going in that area.”

Police call this technique “hotspot policing,” and said it helps them target problem areas in neighborhoods.

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