Foley business burglarized, man arrested

A Fairhope man is behind bars Thursday night after he was caught allegedly attempting to burglarize Custom Truck Accessories.

“It was a strange robbery because there was no cash missing and the items of value weren’t taken,” owner David Morace said.

It was a strange event that led to the arrest of 34-year-old Dewell Melson. He allegedly tried to burglarize the accessories store known for the monster truck that sits just off of Highway 59.

Melson told police and Morace that he showed up around 6:45 Tuesday night, 45 minutes after closing, to check out the tires atop the storage containers on site. However, the security cameras paint a very different picture.

In the video, the man police said is Melson strolls into the shop, crowbar in hand. According to the tape and Morace, he was in no rush.

“He was shopping for 20, 25 minutes like it was during business hours,” Morace said.

The video allegedly shows Melson choosing a particular cooler to steal. And in another angle, it appears he reaches for an item behind the counter, but completely ignores the cash drawer.

Police say the suspect bent the side of the building with his truck. Investigators also say they were able to stop him before he left the store.

After the arrest, police said Melson told them he was just trying to get by.

“Mr. Melson did tell us that he was down on his luck, and that he was trying to find stuff to, I guess, to sell to help himself out,” Lt. David White said.

Melson is now being held on an $11,000 bond. He is also facing a charge of illegal possession of prescription drugs.

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