Fairhope to make shooting films in the city easier?


The City of Fairhope is considering streamlining rules to make it easier for films to be shot within city limits.

An Alabama legislature in 2009 provided incentives for movies to be filmed in the state, which led to Fairhope as a popular destination for Hollywood and independent filmmakers alike.

Mayor Tim Kant says while some films have caused concerns due to street closures and crowds, the majority go without an issue and are welcome additions for the economy.

However, he has asked his staff to look into ways to simplify the filmmaking process.

“From time to time, it runs into needing decisions made immediately and when that happens it goes against ordinances we have on the books. I asked the council, since we’re getting geared up more and more, we should have a simple process so if anybody wants to do a film they can sign up one time,” said Kant, “They can get all their details and someone assigned to them. When we have to make last minute changes, everybody will know they’re approved to do so.”

As of now, Kant says applications to close down streets and requests for other tasks could take weeks. He says the new rules could narrow that time down considerably.

While preparations are underway, there’s no time table on when a draft of the new ordinance could be set.

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