ADA: It’s a complete case of neglect


According to a search affidavit done by Mobile County Animal Control in September 2013, a small dog was found dead inside the Theodore home where nearly 50 animals were recently seized.  The report says authorities also found cats and dogs inside suffering from eye and respiratory infections.

Twenty-three dogs, six cats, 10 kittens and 10 birds were removed from the Bream Drive home on Tuesday, February 11.

“You have a complete case of neglect basically, and this kind of neglect does inflict suffering on animals,” said Assistant District Attorney Martha Tierney.

Animal Control Officers, Deputies and Veterinarians responded to the home after complaints of animals living in deplorable conditions, and a strong ammonia smell coming from the residence.

“Veterinarians came and they looked around and the place was wall-to-wall feces, urine-saturated rugs-typical hoarding situation, a lot of cats and dogs,” Tierney said.  “As a result of that they got a search warrant to seize the animals under the animal cruelty law.”

The county says those animals were taken in for medical treatment, but a small dog couldn’t be saved.

“It was found inside the door dead, not moving, none of the other animals were paying any attention to it and when they got into the home with the owner and the vet saw the animal, the vet determined that it had been attacked probably by a larger dog just based on its injuries,” Tierny said.

We went back to that home Thursday, February 13 to try to get some answers.

Wednesday, February 12 the family that lives in the home told FOX10 News that the animals inside were happy, healthy and well-fed.

We asked how that could be given the claims in the county’s affidavit.

“The dog was alive when we left here,” said Pamila Stiles, who owns the home.  “All of the sudden we came back and the dog was dead.  We don’t know what happened to the dog.  But the dog was healthy and fine when we left here, because we played with it that morning and when we came back it was dead.”

FOX10 News also asked the county why it took five months for the animals to be removed from the home.

A spokesperson said the county checked on the animals periodically after the September visit, and things had gotten better until this week when all the animals were seized.

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