Valentine’s Day scams and Flappy-Bird look-alikes

Don’t let the romance of Valentine’s Day blind you. Scammers target us specifically around this holiday because they know we are thinking more with our hearts than our heads.

Be extra careful of scammers trolling online dating sites.  They may try to pull you into what’s called “long-con” scams — usually part of an organized crime ring. The criminals create fake identities, lure you in, and after a relationship is formed, they ask for money. Look out for e-cards. Scammers send these cute cards that can infect your computer with malware. Look out for spam that is related to sales that are Valentine’s themed. Go to the store’s website directly rather than through a link in your email. Also, some Valentines Day apps and messages may lead you to survey websites that will try to collect your personal information.

A new survey finds nearly a quarter of all “loyalty program” users do not trust airlines to deliver on their promises. Hidden fees and sudden rule changes are the main reasons why.  And the majority are using their frequent flier miles to travel domestically – instead of overseas.

And, yesterday we mentioned that Flappy Bird was pulled from the app stores. But, if you still want to play, there are some flappy-bird look-alikes popping up. A search for the word flappy reveals several results, but the most popular on iTunes are “Fly Birdie”, “Ironpants”, “Flappy Bee”, “Flappy Plane” and “Flappy Penguin”.

That;s your daily tech.

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