MCSO on the hunt for theft victims

The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office said it is working to match stolen items to their rightful owners.

Tuesday, February 11 MCSO said it recovered dozens of stolen items ranging from computers to power tools after arresting five suspects on drug-related charges.

Since our story aired MCSO says it has been overwhelmed with calls from people looking to claim their stolen stuff. But investigators are urging people to have detailed information, like a serial number, before contacting Mobile Police Department or MCSO.

“For instance three or four lawn mowers…. and they all happen to be John Deere lawn mowers. Well every one of them is going to have a green body and a yellow engine. Without any distinguishing serial number we are not going to know one from the other,” said Lt. Paul Burch.

MCSO said being able to provide any distinguishing marks on your stolen item will help expedite a time-consuming process.

Some people told us they know the importance of saving serial numbers.


” I keep them in a file next to tax papers, and whatever bills and stuff like that. I have this one file with all my stuff. It could have my washer machine, my new screw gun, my saw,” said Dave Russell.


If you think you have been a victim in this case, call 574-8633 for the sheriff’s office. Contact MPD if you live in city limits.

Here is a complete list, provided by MCSO, of the items recovered:

  • • (7) Flat screen televisions
  • • (3) Power washers
  • • (6) Gas generators
  • (2) Cameras
  • (2) Safes
  • (2) Riding lawn mowers
  • (2) Computers
  • (2) Gaming systems
  • (2) DVD players
  • (2) IPods
  • (2) Air compressors
  • (2) Gas scooters
  • (2) Residential A/C units
  • (5) Gas Blowers
  • (11) Weed Eaters/ Trimmers
  • (4) Gas edgers
  • (4) Outdoor heaters
  • (2) Shop vacs
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