Litter trap clean up controversy ongoing

The battle against litter on Dog River has been an ongoing saga in Mobile. One litter trap has been installed and another is on the drawing board. But how effective are they?


Everyone who lives on Dog River in Mobile or it’s tributaries knows what its like to live with trash. Samantha Harold has a home near Dog River Park and she’s seen the litter at it’s worst.

“That used to come up in our yard all the time,” Harold told us. “There’s many of times I’ve gone out there with a trash bag and picked it up and I’d get a full bag.”

Notice Harold spoke to us in the past tense, that’s because she lives a few miles downstream of Mobile’s first attempt to curb the trash, the litter trap on Eslava Creek.

“It used to be real bad but I can say that litter trap has helped a lot,” Harold said.

Wednesday the litter trap was doing it’s job. It was full to the point of overflowing, but city workers came out and emptied the trap. It’s a laborious process that takes an entire crew, but it’s still just a drop in the bucket of what ends up in the river.


“It has a very high priority for us and we want to make it happen.”

Mayor Sandy Stimpson said the city has plans to add another litter trap in Moore’s Creek. He’s toured the area, but there has been a delay while his team got in place after the election. Now, they’re working on the next steps.

“Once we resolve how to overcome some of the installation and maintenance issues we’ll move forward,” Mayor Stimpson said.

Harold hopes the city revisits the first litter trap as well, so that even during bad weather trash is contained.

“That one works, it’s done a great job, ” Harold said. ” But I think it needs to be better, that way it stops it completely.”

Mayor Stimpson also said more emphasis will be put on education and enforcement to keep litter out of the river in the first place.


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