Family: Animals well fed, healthy, happy

One day after Mobile County removed nearly 50 animals from a Theodore home, the family is speaking to FOX10 News.  Tonya Allen and her family gave us a look into their Bream Drive residence Wednesday, February 12.

Animal Control officers seized 23 dogs, six cats, 10 kittens and 10 birds from the home on Tuesday, February 11.

FOX10 News Reporter Russell Colburn asked Allen if the animals that were inside the home were well-fed, healthy and happy.

“They’ve been fed, they’re not mistreated,” Allen replied.  “They’ve been healthy, they’ve been fed- we have three bags of food in there for them, and we’ve been feeding them.  And I’ve been cleaning up behind them.”

The county says they warned the family five months ago, and the conditions only worsened.

“When [the county] came out in September, did you guys make an effort to improve the conditions?”  FOX10 News asked resident James Stiles.

“Yeah, we even built two dog houses back there,” Stiles said.  “They don’t even want to accept that.  They don’t want to accept the two dog houses we have back there.”

“Why did you have to improve the conditions in the first place?” Colburn asked.

“They told us they were giving us a warning,” Stiles replied.  “And so they gave us two warnings.  And [then] my buddy and I got out here in the rain and built the two dog houses.”

That’s also when the family says they stripped their carpet, leaving only hard wood in the home.

Pamela Stiles- the mother of the household- says she was looking after some of the dogs for a friend.  That’s why there was nearly two dozen in and around the house.

“They’re doing us wrong,” Stiles said.  “I’m not sleeping at night at all.  I’m sick right now.  I can’t eat nothing or anything because of this.  Tomorrow’s my husband’s birthday and that dog belonged to him.  I miss him, because he’s a good dog.  They said he’s sick, and I know why he’s sick, because they took him.”

The county says the seized animals are not yet up for adoption due to a legal hold o them.

The District Attorney’s Office is still examining the evidence, and they’ll determine if criminal charges will follow.

The Mobile County Animal Shelter is, however, at capacity, and the county is encouraging the public to adopt the existing animals.


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