BCSO to hold FBI workshop

Officers from law enforcement agencies across Mobile and Baldwin Counties are coming together this week to learn the newest techniques in crime scene investigation.

Special Agents with the FBI are holding a week-long workshop at the Law Enforcement Training Center in Stapleton.

Sponsored by the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office and the Alabama Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission, officers from various police departments across Mobile and Baldwin Counties are learning important skills to better analyze and investigate various crime scene scenarios such as shootings, hit and runs, or robberies.

FBI agents are teaching officers how to trace evidence, collect tiny details like hair and fingerprints, and get that evidence submitted to the proper places.

One technique FBI agents are teaching local officers about is the use of a special plastic material known as AccuTrans. The material allows fingerprints to be better preserved so crime scene evidence can be easily transported.

“The preservation of fingerprint evidence has really grown quite a bit to where not just the ridge detail, but they can actually on a microscopic level look at the pores of your skin, and ever more detail they extract out of that, so we want to make sure that we can preserve that detail,” said George E. Glaser, FBI Special Agent for Mobile Field Office.

Glaser said this week Special Agents have also spent a lot of time teaching crime scene management, crime scene photography, and what to do if you encounter hazardous devices such as explosives or dangerous chemicals.
At the end of the week they will create a full scale crime scene exercise.

“They’ll start off by finding out how large that crime scene is, followed by doing a diagram of it, photographing everything, logging everything, who comes in, goes out, and then collecting various kinds of evidence that we leave for them to collect,” said Glaser.

Glaser said the ultimate goal is to thoroughly educate local law enforcement so they can better solve the crimes that hit our area.

“Some folks come in knowing quite a bit already, we’re just helping them improve their credentials so they can testify to certain things they do,” he said, “Others, it’s brand new and fresh, and they’re really having to take in a lot of information in a very short time.”

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