EXCLUSIVE Cashier: God takes care of me

A local cashier who was clinging to life just a few weeks ago has made a remarkable comeback and spoke exclusively with FOX10 News.

Meta McCormack was run down by a pickup truck, which came crashing through The Junction convenience store Tuesday, January 14. She suffered broken ribs, a fractured spine, damaged lungs; the medical list goes on and on.

McCormack said she’s not lucky to be alive – but blessed.

“I don’t believe in luck, honey,” said McCormack. “If I believed in luck I’d probably be a millionaire. I just know God takes care of me. He always has – and I know for a fact now that he always will.”

McCormack has officially been moved out of intensive care at Forrest General in Hattiesburg but will remain in the hospital. She said she is only now starting to understand what happened to her, nearly a month after the wreck.

“It was just a regular working day. It wasn’t anything special – just happy to have a job – just happy to be able to go to work,” said McCormack. “I don’t really remember what happened, so, this is just not something that’s been easy for me to comprehend. I don’t think anybody wakes up and the morning and says I’m going to go to work and get hit by a truck.”

FOX10 News exclusively obtained surveillance video of the wreck from family and friends. That video shows multiple angles of the devastating accident.

A customer who has been identified as Corey Dean, 18, is seen rushing to McCormack’s aid and putting out a fire.The teen helped keep her calm while paramedics rushed to the scene.

“She said, ‘I’m dying, I’m dying, you know that right?’ I said, ‘No you ain’t,’” remembered Dean. “I held her hand and was praying with her and praying for her.”

“I don’t remember him being there but I know he came to see me yesterday,” said McCormack from her hospital bed. “They had told me what he had done and I told him how much I appreciated it. He was my angel that day. One of them, anyways.”

Investigators said the driver of the pickup truck was questioned but not arrested. They are waiting on lab results for Joshua Ball, 19, of Leakesville.

Meanwhile, family and the community has wrapped their arms around McCormack, hosting fundraisers and events in her honor.

The next fundraiser will be an auction, raffle, bake sale and dinner on Saturday, April 12 in Leakesville. The event kicks off around noon at Leakesville Jr. High school on Main Street.

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