Witnesses: That’s not the shooter

Charges have been dropped against a man who had been arrested for gunning down a local security guard, according to Mobile Police.

An attorney for Keith Dixon, 23, says the shooting victim and three witnesses told law enforcement they misidentified his client after taking a closer look at surveillance video.

“You’d be surprised how many people go to jail because someone claims they saw them somewhere,” said Dixon’s attorney, Donald Friedlander.

FOX10 News exclusively obtained surveillance video from Phat Tuesdays Sports Bar on St. Stephens Road.

Witnesses said the gunman who was caught on camera grew angry when he was asked to leave the business due to his drunken behavior.

Video shows he stalked and then opened fire on the bar’s security guard, identified as Joe Fairley.

Police say the investigation is ongoing, adding that they are not excluding any old leads or evidence.

Dixon remains in metro jail on an outstanding warrant for domestic violence.

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