Suspect shot caught stealing copper

Neilsson Owens, 41, was shot over the weekend in Chickasaw after witnesses caught him red handed.

Neilsson was arrested Sunday, Feb. 9 after Chickasaw police said he was caught stealing copper from an apartment complex. Police said witnesses heard some racket coming from the basement of the Spanish Trace Apartment building at 6 Viaduct Road Sunday. After entering the building to see what was going on, witnesses found copper wiring on the ground, nothing more. When they left, they heard commotion again. When they went back this time though, police said they found Owens trying to steal the copper.

“One of the officers was flagged down by one of the witnesses in the burglary,” said Lt. Tommy McDuffie of the Chickasaw Police Department.

Lt. McDuffie told FOX10 News because the witnesses detained Owens, an arrest was ultimately made. But not without a fight from Owens first.

“One of the witnesses had a gun. They were in the process of escorting him from underneath the apartment complex and they were in the process of calling the police when Mr. Owens started a struggle and he reached for the gun and that’s when one of the witnesses shot him in the leg,” said Lt. McDuffie.

Lt. McDuffie said Owens was treated at a local hospital and then taken to Metro Jail where he was booked on burglary 1st degree and possession of burglar’s tools.

Owens is no stranger at Metro. He has a lengthy rap sheet including charges for theft of property, possession of drug paraphernalia, and safekeeping.

Lt. McDuffie told FOX10 News charges vary when it comes to tampering with copper.

As for the witness that shot Owens, he will not be charged.

Owens was released on bond on Tuesday.

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