Prichard police continue hunt for shooter

police tape

PRICHARD, Ala. – Prichard police are looking for a suspect who exchanged gunfire with police right behind police headquarters.

The incident happened around 10pm on February 6.

Chief Jerry Speziale said on Tuesday, February 11,  one of his officers was sitting in a patrol car outside the Prichard Police station when he spotted a man wearing a ski mask walking down Main Street. When the officer attempted to question the man, the suspected appeared to reach for a weapon.

The Chief said the officer fired at the suspect, who returned fire. Other officers responded,  and more shots were fired.  However, the suspect got away.

Speziale said there was no evidence at the scene that the suspect had been hit.  However, local hospitals were alerted to be on the lookout for a possible gunshot victim.

There have been no arrests in the incident, and the chief said he was not sure of the motive for the shooting. He said it could have been a deliberate retaliation on police for the increased crackdown on drugs in the city.

He also said the suspect may have simply not expected to encounter an officer in the area at that time of night.

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