No More Flappy Bird

The popular app, Flappy Bird, has been snatched from the app stores.

The game flew to the top of the iPhone and Android app download lists, only to be taken down by its creator.  Flappy bird was earning fifty thousand dollars a day in ad revenue. But, the success was too much for it’s creator who sent a cryptic tweet to followers saying  the game quote “ruins my simple life, so now i hate it”. An iPhone with Flappy Bird installed can still be yours via Ebay for only one hundred thousand dollars.

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife were the most generous American philanthropists in 2013, with a donation of 18 million shares of Facebook, valued at more than $970 million, to a Silicon Valley nonprofit. That donation was the largest gift on public record last year. In total, they made donations totaling 7.7 billion dollars last year.

And, major credit card companies announced a switch to do away with swiping and signing for transactions. According to the Wall Street Journal, starting October 2015, customers will insert their cards into a slot and enter a pin number, with no signing necessary.  The cards will contain a microchip ensuring further security from fraud. The U.S. is the last major market to still have customers swipe and sign.

Once the switch takes place, it will be much harder for attacks like the recent target breach to occur.

That’s your Daily Tech.

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