County confiscated nearly 50 animals, MCAS at capacity

The Mobile County Animal Shelter is back at capacity after seizing nearly 50 dogs, cats, kittens and birds from a Theodore home Tuesday, February 11.  Now, your help is needed to adopt these animals and give them a good home.

There’s now empty kennels, carriers and cages at a residence on Bream Drive.  Authorities removed 22 dogs, fives cats, ten kittens and ten birds from the residence.

“They weren’t cleaning up after the animals,” said Animal Control Officer Michael Crabtree. “There was a lot of feces on the floor.  The sheriff deputy on-scene, I’ll quote him.  He described the smell as ‘very overpowering.’  The only thing that he described as smelling worse was a dead body.  That’s how bad it was [Tuesday].”

Mobile County calls it animal cruelty by negligence.  Authorities say the animals weren’t receiving proper care.

A local woman who didn’t want to be identified shed some light on what it looks like inside the home.

“It’s inhumane.  It’s just disgusting, pitiful,” she said.

“From what I was told, there’s dead animals in there, there’s just filth in there,” she added.  “They had to remove their carpet because it was so disgusting.  [There’s] trash everywhere , dogs running everywhere, basically just nastiness; it’s just gross.”

A spokesperson with Mobile County says they had been dealing with these people since September 2013.  The residents had five months to improve the conditions for the animals.

No arrests have yet been made, but details on the investigation were turned over to the District Attorney’s Office.

“They were very upset that we had to confiscate the animals [Tuesday], which is understandable, nobody wants to see their animals taken away,” Crabtree said.  “But we had to do what was best for the animals in this case.”

The cats and dogs remain at the shelter.  The birds were picked up by the South Alabama Caged Birds Society.

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