Copper crook gets shot in the leg


An accused crook got more than he bargained for after being shot in the leg during a burglary.


Chickasaw Police tell FOX10 News Neilsson Owens, 41, was arrested and charged with first degree burglary and possession of burglary tools, shortly after he was treated for his injury at a local hospital.

Police said the crime happened Sunday, February 9.

According to the report, an officer was flagged down by a burglary witness at 6 Viaduct Road.

The witness and two friends said they heard someone rummaging through the basement of an apartment building.

The trio saw copper wiring and tools laid out across the basement floor.

Police said they left and returned soon after hearing the noise a second time.

That’s when investigators said the group caught Owens hiding in the basement.

Police said they tried to remove and restrain Owens until police arrived however they claim the suspect began fighting and resisting them.

Investigators tell FOX10 News one of the witnesses pulled his firearm and Owens lunged after the weapon.

Owens was ultimately shot in the leg and treated for a non-life threatening injury.

One of the witnesses pulled his firearm. That’s when police said Owens lunged after the weapon and was ultimately shot in the leg.

Owens has been released from jail and is expected back in court in March.

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