Airbus announces 3 positions for hire

This is a red letter day in the history of hiring for the Airbus assembly facility being built in Mobile.

The company has now started advertising the first positions for hourly workers.

Airbus Human Resources Director Jennifer Ogle said, “Its a huge milestone for the project.”

Ogle is talking about the first job postings for assembly line positions at the Airbus facility at Brookley.


The positions include aircraft structure and installation mechanics to actually build the aircraft.

Airbus is also looking for electricians, and installers for cabin furnishings.

Lee Hammett, AIDT Assistant  Director said that includes work on “the flooring, the cockpit, cargo doors, the seating and that kind of thing.  For the electrician, its the installation of all the wiring, in the cockpit, and cabin.”


All of the hiring is done through AIDT, a division of the Alabama Department of Commerce.

AIDT officials said there are about 40 positions being advertised right now.

Hammett said, “The starting pay is going to be $13 to $22 dollars an hour, based on your skills, and experience and education.”


What does the training involve?

Ogle said, “If they’re selected, they come in to a four hour session to learn more about Airbus and the AIDT training process, and, then, after that, they go through two weeks of pre-employment training through AIDT, where their skills are assessed for compatibility with positions that we have open.”

However, once an applicant is offered the job, there’s another step in the process.

Hammett said, “The positions, of course, will require some time in Germany after training.”


But, Airbus said these job postings are just the beginning.

Ogle said, “Then, we’ll be hiring in waves after that, throughout the rest of this year, and into 2015.”

Click here for more details on these postitions and to apply.

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