Woman, 63, jailed for drug trafficking, possession

PRICHARD, Ala. – There’s been a new arrest in a Prichard drug raid we told you about last month.  This time police have the elderly homeowner behind bars.  63 year old Jacqueline Kendrick was booked into Metro jail around 3:30 Monday afternoon, Feb. 10.

Kendrick joins her son and another suspect who police say were operating a pretty big drug operation out her house on Neely Avenue.

There’s a lock on the gate, and a no trespassing sign posted outside Kendrick’s house Tuesday.  The 63-year-old homeowner is now residing at the Metro jail.

Kendrick is charged with trafficking cocaine and marijuana possession.  It’s the same charges her son is facing, and a third suspect.

Carlton Kendrick and Eddie Winters were arrested during a raid at the home on January 21.

Initially police told us they weren’t sure if Ms. Kendricks who has emphysema knew about the drug operation in her home.

Chief Jerry Speziale said Tuesday investigators discovered a shaft hidden behind the walls inside the house.

“We would have never found it without the dog,” the chief said.

He’s now convinced she did know.

“You have drugs that were upstairs, you have drugs that are downstairs, you have drugs that are on the bottom floor, and this shaft goes throughout the whole house. So how can anyone  say that they don’t know what’s going on?” he said.

Kendrick was not arrested during the raid, because the chief said she appeared to be too sick.

Right after the raid police displayed thousands of dollars worth of drugs confiscated from the home along with a large sum of cash.  The chief said undercover officers had the house under surveillance for months.

“You saw the amount of narcotics that were seized.  I told you there were hundreds of cars.  This was like a runway at the international airport.  I watched it,” he explained.

“That’s not your average house that nobody knows what’s going on.  You can’t tell that nobody knows what’s going on in there when you have people all night long, the second darkness hit.  It was none stop.”

Jail records show Ms. Kendrick does have a previous arrest in 1992 for driving under the influence.

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