Sex abuse suspect granted $10K bond

One of the eleven defendants in the Woods family sex abuse case had a preliminary hearing Monday. Jennifer Moore, a family friend of Wendy Holland, tried to get her charges dropped.


Monday Jennifer Moore was back in court for a preliminary hearing. Moore is facing charges of sexual abuse, and production of child pornography. But defense attorney Brian Dasinger said his client is innocent.

Brian Dasinger,  Moore’s Attorney told us, “There is no physical evidence against Ms. Moore. There were allegations made from one incident that supposedly took place in October of 2011.”

Baldwin County District Attorney Hallie Dixon argued that physical evidence is often lacking in sexual abuse cases and that the alleged victim’s testimony has been corroborated in other cases.

The case against Moore is one of many that came to light after the disappearance of Brittney Wood.

Hallie Dixon said, ”It show so clearly the cycle of abuse. It is generations of sexual abuse on children.”


The judge sent Moore’s case to a grand jury, but also lowered her bond from 100-thousand to $10,000.  Moore will have to wear an ankle monitor if she makes bond.

“We’re happy that we went ahead and got a reasonable bond here today and one that she can make because Jennifer is no danger to society,” Dasinger said.

Moore also can’t have any contact with children, except her own under supervision. DA Dixon says tackling each of these cases aggressively is important for a resolution.

“Hopefully bringing each of these cases and prosecuting each offender and getting answers and having people answer for their conduct on all these different things hopefully we will sufficiently broken that chain of abuse,” Dixon told us.


No date was set for the grand jury in this case. We’ll keep you up to date as this case and the others make their way through the legal system.

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