Bystander hit during assault

An innocent bystander was caught in the middle of crime and ended up being hit by a car Monday, February 10.

Mobile police said two men were inside an SUV when two suspects threw a brick through the back window and assaulted the driver with a pipe.

When the driver took off in his car, police said he accidentally hit an innocent bystander before crashing into a utility pole.

“I heard a big boom and I looked over and saw the car go into the telegram pole but it didn’t really dawn on me until I looked down the street and saw two guys running down the street. One with a pipe and the other with something else in his hand,” said witness Yasmen Nurriddin

Nurriddin said she went to check on the innocent bystander.

“(He had) abrasions on his arms and legs but no blood anywhere and that’s what scared me because you don’t see blood on the outside it’s on the inside somewhere. He was complaining about being young so I stayed with him until the paramedics got there,” Nurriddin said

Both the innocent bystander and the driver were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Those who live on Berkley Avenue say they’re not used to this kind of activity on their street and that it usually stays pretty quiet.

“I’m just thankful. It could have been me out there in the street if I had been five minuets earlier it could have been me. It really could have,”  Nurriddin said.

Police said the driver and the suspects know each other.

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