Free Valentine’s Day Poems

We all remember the famous selfie with President Obama and the Prime Minister of Denmark. But, what phone was he using? Or more importantly, which phone should he have used for the photo?

The New York Times did a study to see which phone takes the best selfies using only their front-facing cameras. In last place surprisingly is the iPhone 5S, followed by the Samsung Galaxy S4. The runner up is the Nokia Lumia 10-20. And the winner for best selfie cell phone is the HTC One.

Sony is making some changes hoping to turn things around for the company financially. The electronics maker is trying to reinvent itself in the digital age and get rid of competition from Apple and Samsung by getting out of the PC business altogether.

If you need some creative inspiration for Valentine’s Day, Paypal is offering a free poem service.  It’s called poemgrams. You can call or fill out a form online, and one of Paypal’s poets will have your poem ready 24 to 48 hours later.

And, a new iPhone app is adding a twist onto sharing photos. It’s called Snippit. It’s pretty simple. Whenever you share a picture, you can add a 4-to-10 second clip of your favorite song. It can be a song downloaded from your phone, or a clip from one of the 30-second song previews that are available on iTunes. The app is free, and you can get it in the Apple App Store.

That’s your Daily Tech.

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