Hot dog stand robbers on the loose

It’s been a little over two days since Jeanine Carlton and Nevada Robinson had their hot dog carts stolen.

“It’s like really mean and I hope they get it back someday,” Camaryn Thrash, their 9-year-old neighbor, said.

Two days since a thief damaged the side of their Prichard home to take them.

“It makes no sense. It’s just pathetic,” Alice Thrash, Camaryn’s grandmother, said.

And two days of an outpouring of community support.

“It is so overwhelming that I am really at a loss for words,” Carlton said.

Carlton took to her Facebook page yesterday to write an impassioned plea to the individual who stole the way she makes her living. She never imagined all the support she would get.

“When I wrote the letter, I didn’t write the letter, you know, to get responses back or for anybody to say that they would help me,” Carlton said. “I knew that even if I don’t get my carts back, I knew that I would get another one and I knew that God would bless me and help me to get another one.”

Beyond kind words from neighbors and friends, the mother and daughter duo has received $1000 in less than 24 hours through their Go Fund Me page (

“And I plan to put everybody’s name on my cart, my new cart, who has responded to me who have left just one ‘God Bless you,’” Carlton said. “Your name is going to be on my cart forever.”

She said with these blessings, she and her mother will be back in front of Government Plaza before you know it.

Meanwhile, Prichard police said they have a suspect for the theft. They said on Saturday they will talk to him to give him a chance to return the stolen carts, otherwise a search warrant will be executed Monday morning.

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