Osprey camera coming to Orange Beach


A popular Osprey Nest Camera in Orange Beach is in the process of being upgraded for the coming Osprey nesting season this year.

The camera captures the real life of Osprey nesting and raising their young, and feeds live online for folks around the world to see what the birds of prey are doing.

Officials say last year the online live feed of the Osprey camera was so popular, that this year they are upgrading the system to have sound, night vision capability, and bigger bandwidth to support more folks watching the birds online.

“The camera was a big hit around the country, we had people logging in from the United States and other countries,” says Nicole Worner, Coastal Resources Planner for the City of Orange Beach, “At the peak we had about 22,000 people logged in at one time. We thought that was huge for our first year of having the Osprey camera.”

This weekend, officials say they are switching out last year’s camera with a new camera so the new and improved system will be up and running in time for the Ospreys to begin nesting in the coming weeks.

Currently, the live feed is not up and running, but bird watchers can expect to see the Osprey in a couple weeks on

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