Confiscated dogs, cats ready for adoption

More than 50 dogs and 10 cats confiscated last August from The Shack Animal Rescue in Semmes because of poor conditions have been released by the courts for adoption after a months-long legal process involving the former owner. Many of the animals were found to be lacking adequate care and were suffering various medical conditions.

“We had a dog that had been attacked prior to the seize and back in June we had an air conditioner malfunction during a time when there was a lapse in volunteers and we had two dogs die from heat strokes,” said owner of The Shack, Robbie Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald said the rescue organization was doing its best but didn’t have the volunteers needed to keep up with the animals so 53 dogs and 10 cats were taken away.

The Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) has been holding the majority of the animals for the Mobile County Animal Shelter in hopes that they could be adopted out eventually.

Michelle Turner of ARF and Mobile County Animal Shelter employees have nursed the animals back to good health and are encouraging residents to help get the animals into permanent homes. Under terms of the Mobile County District Court order Thursday, February 6, Fitzgerald has forfeited all claims to the animals and will face an upcoming hearing on restitution costs.

Some of the dogs at the MCAS can be adopted but others need more time.

“The ones in rescue are because of behavior issues something that’s not safe to be put back out to the community and needs some time to be trained,” said a MACS employee.

Anyone wishing to see the animals is asked to visit ARF’s shelter at 6140 Rangeline Road in Theodore or you may visit the website at

“ARF provided a safe and healthy environment for these animals, while giving us the room to house the continuing influx of strays that come into our shelter,” said Mobile County General Services Director Donna Jones.


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