Board votes to move magnet school, parents look at options

We’ve been tracking the fate of the Mobile Magnet School for Math and Science for weeks, and now there is another change.

The school has to move before next school year, Fox10 News was at a specially-called board meeting held Friday, February 7.

The Mobile County School Board voted to move the Mobile Magnet School for Math and Science from Chickasaw to Eichold-Mertz Elementary School. That’s a change from a move the board approved a year ago.

“Going back and re-accessing the residences of the students who are living around Howard, those students all primarily live in a close proximity to Howard school where they walk to school,” said MCPSS Superintendent Martha Peek.

Florence-Howard Elementary had been the intended site of the magnet school. However, school board member Tracie Roberson was not apart of the vote last year and asked that the decision be reconsidered.

“When we looked at changing school zones we would have not been in the same area,” Peek said.

Peek said students who currently attend Mertz, will have the opportunity to apply for the magnet school program. School officials plan to meet with parents February 12, to discuss their options. One parent however, made her opinion known early.

“My primary concern is that at this point was that there was no potential involvement in the decision,” said Phyllis Reed.

Reed said she plans to be at next week’s meeting.

“What I will do is sit and listen, weigh the information given and form my decision,” said Reed.

Peek said the magnet school has to move by the 2014-2015 school year because it is located in the Chickasaw School District.

It’s important for parents to know that the application deadline for the first drawing for magnet students is Febuary 28th.

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