“One Ring” phone scam

A scam that comes around every so often is back again and it’s hitting us in one of our most vulnerable places – our phones.

These scams have been called “ring and run”, “dial and disconnect,” or “one ring.”  The goal is to charge you big money without you knowing. The call might ring only once, leaving you a missed call number listed on your phone. Forbes magazine says the number most likely has a 473 area code. Fight the urge to call back! The criminals establish the number as a premium service number, so your rate can exceed $20 just for the first minute. Other potential area codes, according to Forbes, that you may need to be wary of include 809, 284, 649, and 879. This doesn’t apply if you are expecting a call from these area codes.

Tech giants Google, Microsoft, Facebook and others, are now releasing more data on how many, and how often they were ordered to provide customer information for secret NSA investigations. Turns out they turned-in data on as many as 10-thousand customers in a six-month period.

And, Target is spending $100 million dollars to beef-up security at its stores following the massive data breach over the holidays. The new cards will use a chip and a pin to process transactions.  Security experts worry the U.S. is far behind, and retailer’s systems are still vulnerable to cyber attacks.


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