Meeting for possible school split heldThursday

Supporters of a separate school district for Orange Beach continue their efforts to try and make it happen.

Thursday morning , Feb. 6 at a public hearing, they told organizers it’s the only way their children can get a good education.


This was the second in a series of meetings to talk about the possibility of breaking from the Baldwin County School System.

Orange Beach Elementary is the only school right now in the city, but supporters of the city creating its own school district said there’s room to build a middle school and high school, and make general improvements overall.


City Council Member Jerry Johnson said, “Its not really saying that the existing system is not doing something right. Its just that we have a confidence that we can do it better.”

Matt Wilson is a parent who’s in favor of a new school system.

He said, “We think we can involve more of the community:  some of the retirees to help work with our children and, maybe, give our teachers some better tools than they already have.”


Orange Beach city officials will have meetings twice a week to explain the proposal to the public.

The city has also commissioned a study to see if it is in the best interests of everyone to break away from Baldwin County Public Schools.


Thursday, people in the audience had questions.

For instance, one person who lives in Ono Island asked how much would people, who live out of a new school district, have to pay to send their children to an Orange Beach school?

She said, “We weren’t quite planning on tuition, in addition to all our property owners association fees.

Its actually going to decrease my value, if I have to sell my house.”

She was told the tuition rate would be based solely on what the feasibility study said.

The results of the feasibility study are expected in April.


Regular informational meetings will take place every Tuesday night after the 6:00 city council meeting, and every Thursday morning at 10:30 in city council chambers.

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