Child sex abuse suspect in court for prelim hrg.


It was back to Judge Scott Taylor’s courtroom for Shaun Cassidy Thursday. This time, the judge heard testimony from Lisa Johnson, the lead investigator into charges of sexual abuse and sodomy made against Cassidy back in December.

Over the course of nearly an hour, both the defense and prosecution pressed Johnson for details about her investigation.

Johnson described interviews with three of Cassidy’s alleged victims. She says all three were 15-year-old or younger when they had their alleged encounters with Cassidy. The investigator said Cassidy gave the victims drugs in exchange for sexual favors. Johnson says the drugs included spice, marijuana and prescription medication.

In the search of Cassidy’s home, Johnson said Orange Beach police seized a number of items including an I.D. card for one of the minors and a hand-written document signed by another stating he was over 18.

After hearing Johnson’s testimony, Judge Taylor decided to increase the bond for each of the two first degree sodomy charges to $1 million apiece.

“We are very pleased with the bonds being increased in this case,” Teresa Heinz, Baldwin County ADA, said. “We had asked for such high bonds because of the extraordinary nature of these charges and the compelling evidence in this case.”

Heinz said increasing his bond is very important since it’s crucial to keep Cassidy off the streets.

“It’s so important that he stays in jail because we are dealing with children in this matter and children are susceptible more to threats and it’s particularly important that there not be no undue influence on these children as to protect their testimony,” Heinz said.

She said the next step is to take the case against Cassidy to a grand jury. The investigation is still ongoing.

“And any time that there is an ongoing investigation, we will continue to turn over every rock that we need to and cover whatever victims that are going to be victims in this case,” Heinz said.

Cassidy was also arrested on drug paraphernalia charges.

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