Truck stolen off of campus, worker injured

Parents want answers after learning J.E Turner Elementary School was on lockdown Monday, February 3 and they were not notified.

The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office says a public school contractor truck was stolen off campus while he was making changes to a sign in the front of the school.

Authorities said the contractor had his truck running nearby so he could hear the radio and before he knew it, a stranger was in the driver’s seat.

“He ran up to his car said ‘hey what are you doing in my car?’ grabbed hold of the door handle and was dragged about 10 feet,” said Sgt. Joe Mahoney.

Mahoney said a parent was dropping her child off at school witnessed the whole thing and helped the contractor find his truck.

“The suspect in this case thought he may had actually run over the victim and then bailed from the vehicle an abandoned it,” said Mahoney.

J.E Turner Elementary went under lock down soon after this incident and the Mobile County school system says parents were not notified.

MCPSS Spokesperson says it’s up to the school’s principal to decide when and if parents should be alerted.

FOX10 News spoke to a parent whose child attends J.E Turner Elementary. She asked not to be identified.

“My child is there and we have no clue what is going on,” she said. “For the most part we thought we were getting answers that we should know about… but what are we not knowing about? That’s what is concerning,” she said.

The sheriff’s office said it has a lead in this case expects an arrest soon.


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