Charges dropped for one, upgraded charges for others

There were some surprise developments Wednesday in the investigation into the brutal beating of an elderly Chickasaw man.

FOX10 News learned one suspect will go free, but three others are now facing attempted murder.

21-year-old Deangelo Smith was in court Wednesday for a bond hearing on assault and burglary charges,  but instead he was slapped with a new charge of attempted murder.

Court appointed lawyer, James Harred said Smith is in a lot of trouble.

“He’s in,,,the only worse situation is if the gentleman that he’s alleged to have committed these crimes against had passed away,”  Herred said.

Prosecutors had good news for 18 year old Robert Campbell. Campbell was the first suspect arrested in the case.  The charges against him were dropped.  Assistant District Attorney Jo Beth Murphree said Campbell was not the man a neighbor saw inside the victim’s home.

“There was a misidentification by a witness, and Nottingham has been arrested instead, based on a absolutely 100 percent sure, positive identification,” Murphree said.

Murphree said it was 20-year-old Carlos Nottingham who answered the victim’s door when a neighbor knocked during the attack on 86-year-old Carroll Jordan on January 27.

Police also arrested 19-year-old Yasmine Munnerlyn.  She and Smith were seen outside the house.

The victim’s family members said they’re glad the investigation has picked up steam, and is moving in a positive direction. But they said that’s the case with Mr. Jordan’s recovery.

“He was having problems with his kidneys, and this morning my wife said he was doing a little better, because they were working on that problem, but he’s a long way from being out of the woods,” relative Donald Johnson said.

The three suspects now facing attempted murder charges in the case will be back in court Thursday for their bond hearings.

Even though the charges were dropped against Campbell he remained locked up at Metro. Campbell was being held on a warrant from last October. There are no details available on that case, because the warrant was issued while Campbell was still a juvenile. He just turned 18 last month.

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