Avatars for the Deceased?

(CNN) – From an old chalkboard comes a futuristic idea that uses technology to make humans immortal. It’s called Eterni.me, a concept that was developed by a team of engineers, designers and business people of the MIT Entrepreneurship Development Program.

Eterni.me takes almost everything you create during your lifetime on places like Facebook and Twitter, and processes the information with artificial intelligence algorithms to generate a virtual you for your family after you die.

The team imagines a future where you can get advice from your great, great grandmother. It’s a thought that at first glance could be considered creepy or crazy. But some say crazy ideas are often the best ones. For example, the Slinky or the Snuggie…both produced profits of more than $200 million.

There wasn’t a specific launch date for Eterni.me. However, if you’re interested you can sign up to be added to the waiting list.

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