2 more arrested brutal beating


UPDATE: Police said Carlos Nottingham, 20, and  Yasmine Munnerlyn, 19, have also been arrested in connection with the brutal beating of an elderly man. They also said the charges were dropped against Robert Campbell, 18.

Police have recovered a key piece of evidence in the case involving the brutal beating of an elderly Chickasaw man.

Police found a 4 inch pocket knife used in the attack, and they said they have evidence linking the weapon to one, or both of the suspects being held in Metro Jail.

A witness told police she saw one suspect in the victims home, and two others outside.  But police now believe there may have been a fourth person involved in the attack and robbery of an 86-year-old man.

The second suspect was arrested Monday night.

US Marshals swarmed the R.V. Taylor Housing community where they found the suspect around 8 o’clock Monday night.

Neighbors said they knew the Marshals were looking for someone.

“It was like seven cars over here, trucks, three trucks an Avalanche, it was a Charger, and a van. It was a whole lot of them…They was all surrounded with the guns,” a neighbor said.

“They acted on a tip, went to an apartment, and they found him hiding in a bedroom.  They took him into custody without incident,” Lt. Tommy McDuffie said.

21-year-old Deangelo Smith is the second suspect charged with 1st degree assault and 1st degree burglary.

On Monday police arrested 18 year old Robert Campbell.  Investigators believe Campbell was seen by a neighbor inside the victim’s home.

Police said the two suspects may not have acted alone.

“The investigation is ongoing and there possibly will be one, maybe two more arrests in this case,” McDuffie said.

86-year-old Carroll Jordan has remained in intensive care at USA Medical Center since the attack last Monday.   His family is still not sure he will survive the attack that included a severe beating and several stab wounds.

Police said they received information that led to the knife used in the attack. It was found in an abandoned house in Alabama Village.

“Based on some information we’ve talked to witnesses and they gave us a possible location where the knife was possibly hidden and it panned out,” Lt. McDuffie said.

Police are not releasing any details about the other two possible suspects.  They also told Fox Ten News reporter Renee Dials they have still not talked to the 19-year-old female they were calling a person of interest Monday.

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