Cars Communicating With Cars?

Facebook celebrates it’s tenth birthday today.
In 2004, the internet was a very different place. No Youtube, no Twitter, and fast-growing Myspace was just a year old. But February fourth, 2004 saw the launch of the company that would go on to dominate the social web. Happy birthday Facebook.

AT&T announced its cutting prices. The wireless carrier says that  a family of four can now share 10 gigabytes of data with unlimited talk and text for $160 a month. That’s 20% less than what AT&T previously charged.  The same plan at rival Verizon, for instance, would cost $100 more. AT&T says the option is designed to give families a worry-free experience as they consume more data for video and social networking.

And, transportation officials are hoping to prevent collisions by proposing that new cars and trucks install technology that lets vehicles communicate with each other. Here’s how it works: a radio transponder would continually transmit a vehicle’s position, speed and other information. Cars would receive that information from other cars. A computer would alert the driver to a possible upcoming crash.

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said the technology holds the potential to significantly reduce crashes, injuries, and deaths on the nation’s streets and highways. The government will issue a report on the new system later this month.

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