Government Plaza roofwork begins


Some big changes started Monday at one of Mobile County’s best known landmarks.

Roof repairs at Government Plaza are changing the way people are going to court and to other parts of the building.


There were a lot of people waiting to get into court Monday morning, but, this time, the line looked different.

Instead of one long line snaking out to the atrium, barricades created several smaller lines.

This was so repair crews could remove skylights from the atrium to prevent water leaks.

Mobile County Spokesperson Nancy Johnson said, “To do this with our jurors, who come in by the hundreds on Mondays and Tuesdays, the court police have created the serpentine lines to confine them just within this area, which is out from under the skylight.”

Of course, you still have to go through the metal detector.


Monday morning, there were a lot of people turning around, and looking and pointing.

One woman asked, “How do you get in?”

When asked if he thought the set up was tricky, one man said, “No, not really. They just need some more inspection centers (to) kind of speed things up, with all these people here at one time.”

Another person said she hadn’t been able to find where she needed to go.

She said, “Its too big for me.”


The doors closest to the court annex building are closed, so, people who have to do business with the county or city are advised to enter though the doors on Joachim Street.

Johnson said, “They’re coming in and, immediately, they will go through security, and, then, be directed around the periphery of the building, which will keep them out from under the skylights.”

County officials said they really don’t expect any problems with falling debris, but they said they’re playing it safe and keeping people out of the atrium, so, it’s a good idea to plan for delays and arrive early.

County officials said the changes will remain in place until work is finished, which is expected to be the end of May.

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