CPD: Suspect in brutal elderly beating arrested


Chickasaw police arrested a suspect Monday, February 3, in connection with the brutal beating of an elderly man on January 27th.

Robert Campbell, 18, was  picked up by U.S. Marshals at a relatives house in Mobile Monday afternoon.

Chickasaw police are looking for a second suspect, and they say they want to talk to a 19 year old female who they’re calling a person of interest in the case that has shocked many in the small town of Chickasaw.

Campbell had nothing to say as he was led from the Chickasaw City Jail Monday.  Campbell is facing charges of 1st degree assault and 1st degree burglary.

Police believe he’s the man who was seen inside the victim’s home by a neighbor.

“When she knocked on the door, Mr. Campbell the one that was just arrested came to the door.  The witness asked him what he was he doing there, and  he took off running,” Lt. Tommy McDuffie said.

Police said 86 year old Carrol Jordan was stabbed several times , beaten and robbed.

“We knew that it wasn’t random,  he was targeted,” McDuffie said.

The brutal attack was interrupted by a neighbor who may have saved Mr. Jordan’s life.

“He was in a pool of blood gasping for air.  I said what have you done, and he ran out the door,” neighbor Pam Cartwell explained.

The crime happened a week ago, but police did not release any details until Monday.  They said even though it was brutal investigators never believed the general public was in danger.

“The victim was known to leave his door unlocked, and people would come and go.  So, we knew that from the beginning so we didn’t feel like the public was in danger,” Lt. McDuffie said.

Police recovered the stolen television which was dropped in Mr. Jordan’s backyard.

They’re also looking for a second suspect.  He’s 21-year-old Deangelo Smith.  Smith had three arrests last year with charges including robbery and assault.

The elderly victim remains in intensive care at USA Medical Center.  His family said he’s showing signs of recovery, but he has a long way to go.

Donald Johnson said he’s glad to hear an arrest has been made, but he thinks the charge should include attempted murder.

“I really believe that he should be charged with attempted murder, because as many times has they stabbed him and beat him, they weren’t just trying to subdue him for just a little bit while they could rob him, they were doing way more than that,” Johnson said.

Police told FOX10 News another charge could be added.  Right now they’re still looking for the second suspect, Deangelo Terrell Smith,  and they want to talk to a 19-year-old woman who ran from the scene.  She’s not a suspect.  Police want to talk to her as a person of interest

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