3 easy exercises to burn calories

fit body boot camp

Cherish Lombard took a trip to Daphne Fit Body Boot Camp to learn three easy exercises you can do at home to burn a lot of calories!

Owner Steven Hadley started by telling Cherish about what he says is one of the biggest fat myths he’s heard: When a woman lifts weights she always gets bulkier. Steven sayswhen a woman properlytrains, she needs both cardio and strength training to see optimal results. He says strength training actually elevates metabolism and women should be more concerned about how their clothes fit and how they look instead of concentrating on the number on the scale.

In this video, Steven shows you three easy ways to burn calories at home without spending a lot of money on equipment.

Daphne Fit Body Boot Camp
8602 Athlete Dr Suite A
Daphne,AL 36526

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