Young boy sends valentines from the heart


A young boy in our area is trying to make a difference for hundreds of sick kids this Valentines day. Nine year old Tanner Long knows a thing or two about hospitals and wants to deliver a little love for the holiday.



A few strokes of a marker.

“Happy Valentines day”

A few nice words.

“Don’t give up. “

A little love in card from nine year old Tanner Long.

“You can be anything”

Tanner is writing Valentine’s cards to sick children in the hospital. He himself has a life threatening heart condition, called Long QT syndrome, and knows a lot about hospitals and what it means to receive kind words and support.

“The kids in the hospital don’t even get to go to school and do the things that I can so I’m making them Valentines cards so they know they don’t feel left out or forgotten,” Tanner said.


Writing the cards is part of a community service project to help Tanner achieve something he was told he would never achieve, a black belt in taekwando.

“My doctors told me I couldn’t do it but apparently they were wrong,” Tanner said.

For his mom, Melanie, these cards are a life lesson for Tanner in being thankful for what you have.

“It always better to give because there is always someone less fortunate than you,” Melanie Long told us. “So you know what we are going to have a big event and let them have Valentines cards so they’re not forgotten.  “


Tanner is also asking from the community to make the cards. To do that, he’ll be setting up a table at the ATA martial arts studio on Hillcrest and Grelot Monday and Tuesday nights. Just stop on by with the kids and make few cards yourselves.

With that help, Tanner is hoping to deliver more than a hundred cards. Each one just a small token, but often it’s the simple gestures that can brighten a day.

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