Volunteers spruce up Perdido Islands

Robinson Island Cleanup Day

The sun shone on dozens of volunteers Saturday as they gathered on the “Islands of Perdido” to clean, repair and plant vegetation on these isolated islands of Orange Beach.

Larry Goldman, President of the Islands of Perdido Foundation, told Fox10News Bird, Robinson, Walker and Gilchrist Islands were visited by volunteers who are dedicated to preserving the unique environment of these small inlets.

“The foundation organizes work days periodically and is currently developing a long term management plan for the islands,” said Goldman in a press release to Fox10News.  “The focus is on balancing resource and habitat sustainability with human uses.”

The islands are only accessible by boat.  Support for the event was provided by the City of Orange Beach and the Dauphin Island Sea Lab.  Goldman said trash bags for litter and debris, along with water for the volunteers were provided by Walgreens.

Volunteers planted trees, repaired fencing and picked up trash.  Volunteers were also there to check on sea birds and plant life.

Goldman said the Islands of Perdido Foundation was founded in 2006.  “Our mission is to protect and restore the natural environment of the Perdido Pass Islands and surrounding waters while accommodating traditional human uses including recreation and educational programs.”

Fox10News wants to thank Goldman and the other volunteers who supplied photos of their efforts.

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