Victim in hospital, attackers on loose

Family members said an elderly Chickasaw man remained in intensive care at USA Medical Center Sunday, nearly a week after he was brutally attacked and robbed in his home.

Some family members are keeping vigil as 86 year old Carrol Jordan struggles to recover from the attack.   Jordan was severely beaten and stabbed numerous times on Monday January 27.

“He’s off of the respirator, but he still has a breathing mask on, oxygen and stuff.  He’s sitting in a chair, but he’s just holding his own right now,” Donald Johnson said.

Johnson said he doesn’t know if his wife’s uncle let his attackers in last Monday, or if they simply came in through an unlocked door.  But Johnson believes the people who robbed Jordan intended to kill him.

“He had been stabbed 5 times, possibly 6 in the side and the back, and he was beaten in the head,” Johnson explained.

Neighbor Pam Cartwell apparently interrupted the attack when she knocked on the front door to borrow some margarine.  She was surprised when a stranger answered.

“The young man opened the door, and I said what are you doing here.  He backed back and I walked in, and I saw Mr. Jordan lying on the floor gasping for air.  I turned around, and I said what have you done, and he ran out the door,” Cartwell said.

Jordan has had surgery for two aneurysms doctor’s discovered after he was brought to the hospital.  That’s on top of the trauma from the brutal attack.

“Time will tell whether or not he recovers. For right now we just don’t know,” Johnson said.

The family doesn’t know if, or when police will make any arrests in the case.

“We want them caught, and we want them charged,” Johnson said.

Police tell Fox10 News they are looking for three suspects, but as of Sunday they had not released any names.

The family said the thieves tried to steal Jordan’s 42-inch television, but ended up dropping it in the backyard.

Anyone with information on the attack and robbery should contact Chickasaw Police at (251) 452-6457.

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